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About Us

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About Us

At K5 Mortgage Corp we believe in getting you the best results in the shortest time possible. 

Our experience handling mortgages spans over 9 years, giving us an edge in the industry backed by the expertise of our team. We understand exactly what lenders look for and package your offering in a way that they simply can’t turn down. Simply put, we increase your chances of becoming the owner of your dream home and living the life you envision for yourself and those closest to you.
Konstantin Kuligin

About Konstantin Kuligin

Serial entrepreneur, father, husband, mortgage broker and business owner. With his 17 years of business experience (9 years in lending/financial space) he helped his clients in situations when nobody can offer any help. Natural problem solver. Creative thinking. Go getter that don’t take NO for an answer. Fight for client’s success and provide amazing financial solutions for his clients and investors.