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At K5 Mortgage Corp, our focus is 100% on our clients’ needs. Our tenure in the mortgage field and our experience handling a wide variety of cases gives us that edge in the industry that makes us a next-level team. We work with various mortgage types; from traditional bank mortgages to more sophisticated solutions including private mortgages.

Many people that come to us have unique and complex situations. Our clients can always rest assured that we will assess each situation on an individual basis with a highest level of professionalism.

We have a menu of solutions to fit various needs and will always work with our clients to achieve the best results in the quickest amount of time possible.

Manulife One

We know you deserve a borrowing solution that matches your level of sophistication. Manulife One promises you more than just a mortgage - this service allows you to unlock your financial freedom by saving thousands of dollars in mortgage interest to become debt-free once and for all.

The Manulife One mobile app allows you to seamlessly manage your account while on-the-go, and Manulife’s comprehensive, easy-to-read statements give you consistent insight into the progress you are making in paying off your debt (years sooner!).

We understand that life gets busy and you won’t always have time to stay on top of your finances. Simplify your life - with Manulife One, you have the option to manage your mortgage and your other banking needs all in one place with minimal effort.

Smith Manoeuvre Specialty

Certified and accredited by the inventor of Smith Manouever, the K5 Mortgage Corp. team provides an exclusive offer to convert your non-tax-deductible debt into a tax-deductible debt for better savings (for a mortgage on a primary residence). Grinding your mortgage off by 5, 10, or 15 years allows you to become debt-free years sooner and will increase your net worth by at least $450,000 during the term of your mortgage. Don’t be intimidated to learn this strategy that is normally only available for super-rich Elites. Custom tailored solutions that we now make available for many borrowers and investors. The team at K5 Mortgage Corp. is very skilled in dealing with all different types of mortgages and providing outstanding results for their clients.

First Time Home Buyers

You are finally ready to become a homeowner. You have your down-payment ready and you are looking at several mortgage options. It can be very confusing and difficult to decide which one is right fit for you - and the banks certainly don’t make it any easier. Not all mortgages are created equally. That’s why we are here. We will walk you through the entire process; all the while keeping our eyes and ears open for the best options to suit your unique needs. We love working with first time home buyers and we have great experience working with and understanding all types of mortgages. We bring you the
best solutions as quickly as possible.

Mortgage Opportunities For Investors

Looking for safe and secure investment opportunities? Private mortgage investments are the way to go. Sophisticated investors leverage private lending. Since private mortgages are backed by real estate, you get to enjoy high yields from a low-risk investment. We have secured private lending for over 100 investors and that number is growing daily. Our founder, Konstantin Kuligin, is the author of the book Private Lending In Canada.By working with our experienced brokerage, you also get the benefit of systems and processes that allow you to be comfortable with and in control of your future. By working with us, you will be on your path to success and a solid financial portfolio much sooner.

Mortgages For Retired People/Couples

If you are approaching your retirement and thinking about buying a house, do not feel pressured to do it before your retirement. Contrary to popular belief, getting a mortgage after retirement is absolutely possible. Talk to us about your needs and we will provide the best options for you. On the other hand, if you are already retired and want to refinance an already-existing mortgage, let us help. Refinancing allows you to pay lower interest rates which means you can increase your monthly cash flow. Ask us about the product where you don’t need to make monthly mortgage payments and start using your money for everything that matters most to you.

Alternative Mortgage Solutions

Sometimes things happen in life and circumstances do not line up as perfectly as we hope they will. Credit damage, job loss, collections, divorce, loss of a loved one/medical conditions, foreclosure - you name it. Whatever the case may be, we can help you look into alternative lending options: short-term bridge financing, mortgages for people with bad credit, private mortgages and more. If you have ANY problems - let us solve them for you. Book our FREE no obligation consultation NOW.

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